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A vehicle theft occurs every 44 seconds in the U.S. Is your dealership protected?

 At an alarming rate, thieves are finding ways to steal high-value parts from vehicles on dealership lots, such as car rims, batteries, catalytic converters, audio systems, and even whole vehicles themselves. It is imperative that car dealerships implement proactive security at their facilities. 

Virtual Guarding offers 24/7 surveillance of your car dealership by utilizing remote guard monitoring from a central security operations center. With our remote guarding services, your car dealership receives a team of live virtual security guards that monitor your car lot, without the physical security guard cost normally associated with hiring a security guard company. 

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Intelligent live video monitoring for auto dealerships. 

Virtual Guarding provides 360 degrees of security monitoring for dealership security and the protection of other facilities and storage lots. We begin by establishing an invisible perimeter around your property with our high-definition security cameras, and then monitor those cameras live with our hybrid use of human intelligence and artificial intelligence. These virtual security guards are stationed at our Global Fusion Center to monitor your property 24/7. 

Our hardware incorporates advanced features such as immediate live audio trespasser deterrents, remote door monitoring for unsecured entrances and exits. Our 4 step process, developed over years in the industry, enables our agents to respond up to 10x faster than traditional intrusion systems that may not even see incidents occurring until several minutes after they have already occurred. 

With this as the new standard for dealership monitoring and security, are you protecting your inventory, staff, and property effectively? Get a quote today and find out how Virtual Guarding can help.

Virtual Guarding - Dealership

What Makes Us Different

Virtual Guarding gives you peace of mind knowing you have constant 24/7 security, at a fraction of the cost. Best of all, you have all eyes on your business with a virtual security team remotely monitoring your property. These virtual security guards are stationed at our Global Fusion Center live to monitor your property. If immediate assistance is needed, our remote surveillance specialists address events by utilizing two-way communication, by dispatching an on-site guard, or by dispatching local law enforcement authorities. Emergency applications can also be applied for communication via smartphones to any employee or resident. With Virtual Guarding, we guard more, you spend less.