A residential break-in occurs once every 15 seconds in the U.S. Are you keeping your residents safe on your property?

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A residential break-in occurs once every 15 seconds in the U.S.. Are you keeping your residents safe on your property?
Residential communities that are within a homeowner’s association, such as condos, gated communities, or co-ops, all have high expectations from their residents. They expect the best of the best in their communities, and security protocols are no exception. People look to reside within an HOA to protect the neighborhood in all aspects, whether aesthetically or security-wise. Since HOAs have an obligation to protect their neighborhood or community, it is important to implement proactive security measures over reactive security measures to ensure their communities are the safest they can be. Virtual Guarding has been tailored impeccably to provide the security services these communities look for, at the fraction of the cost of traditional security guarding. For gated communities looking to upgrade their security systems, we offer features such as our Virtual GateHouse, which combines remote guarding and monitoring, with modern camera technology such as license plate recognition for optimal gated community security procedures. Not to mention, you get all the benefits of traditional gated community security, paired with digital and virtual tools for faster and more precise decision making, all at lower security costs.

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Other communities looking to upgrade their HOA security services can benefit tremendously from Virtual Guarding for their neighborhoods. Instead of utilizing in-person condo security guards or co-op personnel, utilizing camera technology and a central virtual security operations center with remote surveillance specialists on standby monitoring your community. Virtual Guarding can always have eyes everywhere with our security camera technology, versus on-foot HOA security patrol. However, if an event occurs and a response is necessary, security officers or law enforcement can respond in no time. Our remote guarding services can provide more guarding for less, which ultimately can prevent HOA fees from rising for residents and members of the community. Keep your condo, co-op, and gated communities happy, safe, and secure with our virtual security monitoring service. Contact us today to speak with a virtual security specialist to learn more about our 24/7 security services!
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Virtual Guarding gives you peace of mind knowing you have constant 24/7 security, at a fraction of the cost. Best of all, you have all eyes on your business with a virtual security team remotely monitoring your property. These virtual security guards are stationed at our Global Fusion Center live to monitor your property. If immediate assistance is needed, our remote surveillance specialists address events by utilizing two-way communication, by dispatching an on-site guard, or by dispatching local law enforcement authorities. Emergency applications can also be applied for communication via smartphones to any employee or resident. With Virtual Guarding, we guard more, you spend less.