Virtual Concierge

Virtual Concierge provides a virtual gate guard and enhanced security technology to improve overall security and decrease costs.

The Virtual Gatehouse uses video feeds and two-way audio from our monitoring facility to greet, monitor and log visitors, allowing your team to communicate with each visitor through two-way audio or one-way video capabilities at the entrance.

Our state-of-the-art video technology records and stores visitors’ faces, license plates and vehicles and can be recalled for analysis at any time. Ensuring, you always have record of who is on your property.

Our Solutions:

  • Substitute Guard in booth
  • Pro-active Video Monitoring
  • Event Alerting and Response
  • Guest and visitor screening
  • Direct response or Police dispatch
  • System Health Monitoring
  • License Plate Verification
  • Reporting


Security Features


Keep a close eye on who enters & exits your property.


Identify and stop forced entry before it occurs.


Keep potential damage away from your property.


Protect your business assets from theft.


Ensure anyone who enters doesn’t pose a health risk.

How it Works

• Reduced operational costs
• Safer – no physical contact
• 24/7 security monitoring and support
• Deter crime & trespassers proactively
• Immediate response
• Enhanced security
Step 1: Cameras Detect​
Cameras stream within seconds using AI to detect potential threats.
Step 2: Guards Analyze​
Remote guards can respond to potential threats instantly using customized SOP’s.
5-20 Seconds
Step 3: Rapid Response
Remote guards engage potential criminals with two-way audio.
10-30 Seconds
Step 4: Escalate As Needed
On-site guards or law enforcement are dispatched.